Cut and Run


  1. The Kindest Cut of All
  2. You're The One
  3. She Could Be Anywhere
  4. Teenage Anthem
  5. I Could Easily Fall In Love With You ¥
  6. Stella Noons ¥
  7. City Walls
  8. On The Road
  9. Fe Layla Fe Al Ain *
  10. On The Move, Paul Stays Put
  11. Dinosaurs in Heaven
  12. No Time At All
  13. Joseph Bazalgette
  14. The Man From ICI *
  15. Dead Man Walking
  16. Gunsmoke
  17. Run To You


All music and lyrics by Ron Mozart


The musicians:

(Main instrumentalist in bold)

Lead Vocals: Ron Mozart

Backing Vocals: Ron Mozart, Vicky Wright & Kate Rushton ¥

Electric Guitars: Ron Mozart, Peter Wright, Vicky Wright & Lewis Ronson *

Acoustic Guitars: Ron Mozart

12-String Guitars: Ron Mozart

Harmonicas: Ron Mozart

Keyboards: Ron Mozart & Mark Leeson ¥

Synthesisers: Ron Mozart

Bass Guitar: Ron Mozart, Kev Kaye & Antonio Luis Henriques*

Drums: Luke Murray, Deniz Kirci, Mohammed Tassadaq* & Gary Allkins ¥

Percussion: Ron Mozart

Vocal Coach and Vocal Arrangement for 'City Walls': Paul McNulty


All songs by Ron Mozart

Produced and Arranged by Ron Mozart

Except ¥ Produced and Arranged by Larry Rushton and Ron Mozart


Recorded at Prometheus Studio, North Yorkshire from June 2000 to February 2021.

Engineer: Ron Mozart.


¥ Recorded at The Garage Studio, Hednesford, Staffordshire in January 1996.

Engineer: Larry Rushton.


* Recorded at Oasis Studio, Al Khobar, KSA in April 2016, Ron’s Caravan In August 2016 and Prometheus Studio, North Yorkshire from December 2020 to March 2021.

Engineer: Ron Mozart


Thank you, also, to each and every musician who collaborated with me on this album. You each made a difference. Thank you to Hanan Yousef for her translation of ‘Fe Layla En Fe Al Ain’ into Arabic, I only hope that I have done you justice by singing it in that wonderful language.


Ron Mozart uses a 2016 JHS 'Vintage' Paul Brett signature 12-string Parlour Guitar, Alvarez AD60-12 12-string dreadnought guitar and a Morris B704 'Lawsuit' 12-string dreadnought guitar as his main 'arsenal' as well as a 2009 Baden 'A' Style Koa 6-string guitar. Ron recommends LR Bagges electronics for all of his acoustic guitars and Trev Wilkinson pick-ups for his electric guitars. Ron uses Epiphone electric guitars and a Westone Thunder bass. Ron uses Marshall amplification, exclusively, for all guitars and keyboards. There is nothing better than Marshall amplification for guitars. The quality of sound is of paramount importance and compromise is not an option.  Ron uses Ashdown Engineering bass amplification for the bass. Ron would like to recommend and thank John le Voi, luthier of Alford, Lincolnshire, for maintaining and customising the above guitars.


With thanks to Chuck Hammer who gave me the inspiration and confidence to put my music 'out there' for everyone and Carly Jones, my manager, who has kept me focused and on-track. Without both of you this album would not exist. Thank you so much.


Ron Mozart, April 2021

Cut And Run

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