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Ron Mozart has been very busy, writing and recording nine brand new songs for his new album, 'No Time To Be Dreaming'. Mostly written and recorded at the same time as the songs from 'Cut and Run' were recorded, these new songs cover just about every aspect of human emotions: love, fear, excitement, loathing, deceit and humour. 


There is also a completely new remix of 'Smile, It's Sam', a single release from last year, a new, longer version of 'More Than I Love You', also a single release from last year and a remastered version of 'The Silent Whistle', a single release also from last year. For the first time, these three songs will be available on an album.


For the first time on a Ron Mozart album, there are two cover versions included. 'A Day In The Life Of A Tree' a Beach Boys song from the1971 album 'Surf's Up', written by Brian Wilson and Jack Rielley and 'Amsterdam', by Jacques Brel and Mort Shuman fit neatly into this 'classic' singer/songwriter album. 


With some very recently recorded material, these songs all add up to yet another double-album of melodic, adventurous, well-crafted arrangements with intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics. Ron has made an album that is completely different to his last offering of melodic Rock/Pop. 'No Time To Be Dreaming' is a more reflective 'acoustic' album.


Many of the musicians from 'Cut and Run' play on 'No Time To Be Dreaming', with the addition of Adastra Fletcher-Hall on violin, Izzy Henderson on piano, Michele Ledda on saxophone, Marcus Gatenby in trumpet and Katy Bowser on backing vocals. Ron plays most of the instruments and sings all lead vocals and most of the backing vocals.

No Time To Be Dreaming


  1. Keep Me Alive

  2. Strange Times

  3. A journey

  4. No Time To Be Dreaming

  5. Amsterdam (Jacques Brel/Mort Shuman)

  6. Jane

  7. More Than I Love You (Album Version)

  8. A Day In The Life Of A Tree (Brian Wilson/Jack Rieley)

  9. Smile, It's Sam

  10. The Silent Whistle (Album Version)

  11. Leebo's Train

  12. I See God

  13. Shadows

  14. Probably No-one


All songs written by Ron Mozart except for tracks 5 and 8.

Arranged and Produced by Ron Mozart


Ron Mozart: acoustic & electric guitars, 12-string guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, keyboards, saxophone, percussion, lead vocals & backing vocals.

Luke Murray: drums

Kev Kaye: bass guitar

Marcus Gatenby: trumpet

Michele Ledda: saxophone

Adastra Fletcher-Hall: violin

Katy Bowser: backing vocals & handclaps

Recorded at Prometheus Studio, North Yorkshire between September 2020 to June 2021, except for 6 (March 2020), 8 (June 2020) and 9 (February/March 2020).

P Sellers: album cover art

Ron Mozart No Time To Be Dreaming

No Time To Be Dreaming 
Release date 9/7/21

Ron Mozart's Forthcoming Album

Cut And Run

Cut And Run

Digital Download/CD
cut and run ron mozart album back cover

'Cut and Run' 

Ron Mozart


Seventy-five minutes of gloriously classic Rock/Pop. It's just like the very best of the 'seventies were here, again. 'Cut and Run' contains seventeen original Ron Mozart compositions, all of which have been given the 'kitchen sink' treatment as as far as sumptuous arrangements go, particularly the beautiful vocal arrangements that underpin Mozart's melodic and harmonious songs. This is very much a guitar and drum-driven vehicle of powerful songs. Ron Mozart charts the whole range of human emotions, including love, lust, loss and humour through a range of well-crafted songs that cover the whole gamut of the Rock/Pop genre. This album really does deserve to be heard.


Singing all of the vocals (bar some backing vocals on two tracks) and playing most of the instruments (Mozart does share some of the lead guitar duties with Peter Wright and Luke Murray does a sterling job on drums) this is very much the work of a driven musician. All seventeen tracks are presented confidently with an aurally exciting stereo mix of inspired arrangements. There are some very sensitive moments, not least in the opening ballad 'The Kindest Cut of All' where Mozart and guitarist/backing vocalist Vicky Wright call out to each other, fading into the distance as they lament their disintegrating relationship. Their voices are torn apart and we are left with a sense of loss. The last track, 'Run To You' sees a desperate need for reconciliation and the final, nagging, insistent guitar solo represents the frustration that abounds. 


There is humour, particularly in the History lesson that is the fine example of genuine Punk Rock, 'Joseph Bazalgette', complete with an 'I don't care' slashing and grinding guitar solo. 'The Man From ICI' may well carry a political message, but its lampooning is hilarious. There is also great energy, most evident in the power chords in 'She Could Be Anywhere' and the blistering 'Teenage Anthem'. Mozart's guitar solos are well-conceived, appropriate and virtuosic. He plays with confidence and with a deep, dark, tonal resonance, using the whole range of sounds available from his instruments. The power chords and the chorus-drenched solos of 'Gunsmoke' make this a most desirable track. Beautiful, yet powerful. Mozart's trademark 12-string guitars are all over this album, too, but make no mistake, it is the electric guitar the rules, here.


The most commercial track is 'You're The One', which really does demand and deserve high exposure on the radio and television. It's a 'classic' late 'sixties-style power-pop ballad. A wonderfully joyous song that will have you singing along and dancing after one listen. So, overall, this is a long album that remains within the Rock/Pop canon, representing what is the very best of that genre. It is an outstanding work of art as there is not a weak track on the whole album. Top three tracks: It's a draw between the irresistible pop anthem 'You're The One', the most melodic and intriguing 'City Walls' and the lyrically puzzling and dynamically varied 'Gunsmoke'.

You're The One EP Ron Mozart

You're The One EP 


Watch the video here!

Three Of Ron's Finest!

£1 each or all for £2.50

A Rough Time In Rocester

Ron's Debut Album


More Than I Love You

A Beautiful Ballad by Ron Mozart



Free Downloads


Exclusive Live Edition of Gunsmoke!

Ron Mozart with Salsola!

Only available on Ron's website!

Here is a real treat. A free download of Ron Mozart singing live with Salsola. The live track is 'Gunsmoke' by Ron Mozart and the line-up is - 
Ron Mozart: Lead Vocals/Vicky Wright: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals and Guitar/Peter Wright: Lead Guitar/Kev Kaye: Bass/Luke Murray:Drums. It was recorded live at The Boom Boom Room in Middlesbrough on Saturday, 28 August, 2020. Please do have a listen, or download this track free of charge. It's great to hear Vicky sing that second verse on her own and she really adds to the track with her backing vocals elsewhere. Watch out for a couple more live tracks of Ron singing with Salsola, later in the year.

Henry Lee

A Murder Ballad

Give It Back To Me

An old man dreams of the past....

The Fire - Matthew 2:4
The Old Rugged Cross

Howling Ron

Ron's Solo Repertoire


Sample a medley of Ron's solo live performance and get a 'feel' for The Live Experience.

1. No Time To Be Dreaming (Ron Mozart)
2. Amsterdam (Jacques Brel)
3. What Do You Know About The National Front, Marge? (Ron Mozart)
4. It Hurts Me, Too (Tampa Red)
5. I Could Easily Fall In Love With You (Ron Mozart)
6. Only For Those That Truly Know (Ron Mozart)
7. The Man From ICI (Ron Mozart)
8. Lady Stardust (David Bowie)


TV & Corporate

Here are just a few samples of Ron's compositions for corporate and charitable organisations.

The Band

Ron is very grateful to the talented individuals that have contributed and collaborated on his music over the years. From drumming to backing vocals, 'The Band' have done him proud!