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Jim Rice (UK)

Ron has produced many musical works over the years. 

As a qualified musician, he is such a versatile composer, songwriter and instrumentalist. 

By suggesting an idea, a song or presenting a project, he slips into 'overdrive' to give great results.

He also takes ideas from the world and moulds them into music.

Sadly, all I do is play a 'music centre', but I can listen to his works!.

William W Williams (Scotland)

I received my copy of A Rough Time in Rocester today ( Thank you Ron! ) and I have to admit I'm very impressed. Lovely arrangements, fine lyrics and excellent singing. A slight baroque feel pervades the album, which only adds to its charm, I think. Dare I say there are also some distinct Bowie influences there? Jolly good - and deserves further recognition away from these confines. One can only wish Ron well for the future with this.

Sean Macreavy (USA)

I really enjoyed Ron's new single, More Than I Love You.
There's a lovely simplicity about this song, which the gentle melody and unpretentious lyrics convey very sweetly. I feel that a dynamic lift with perhaps a rhythm track and/or a richer, deeper string arrangement coming in for the final sections could have helped justify its nearly 5-minute length. But that's just me! The sparse arrangement does complement the purity of the song, so maybe I'm just contradicting my own instincts on this one!
A very sweet thing indeed.

Bruce Hackett (USA)

This new song by Ron Mozart really takes me back to the early-mid ‘70s, and some of the fine singer-songwriters who dominated the charts at that time.  It’s a real ”heart on the sleeve” ballad, carried by bold, ringing 12-string guitar chords and an earnest vocal.  The lyrics convey the challenges of making the simple phrase “I love you” carry meaning after a couple has been together a very long time.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Susan Miley, Colorado (USA)

Ron's new song "More Than I Love You" is a beautiful testimony to deeply loving another and devoting your life to them. The insight into what it means to love someone is so true. When I hear this song, the deepest emotions and memories are brought to the surface through Ron's skilled melodies and words. I feel as though this is a personal dedication to my husband, who I lost last year. I would like to thank you for that, Ron Mozart.

Alan Cooper (UK)

'More Than I Love You' is Ron’s latest single, which I have just purchased. I’m very pleased with it because as well as being a very melodic and pleasing song to listen too, it is pertinent to me having been married for almost 50 years! Why? Well, it is truly a love song for those who have been together for a long time. The lyric is steeped in nostalgia as Ron seeks to explain how after so long the words 'I love you’ have been used so many times that they begin to lose their meaning but Ron tells us how 'I love you’ means so much more. It is very much in Ron’s unique style with 12 string guitars striking bold chords that compliment his voice as he tells his story. I heartily recommend this most enjoyable ballad.

Paul Bevan (UK)

Personally I have a very wide taste in music spanning across all genres. Ron’s music fits in with me perfectly depending on my mood. 
With Soulful lyrics and meaningful melodies, Ron's musical talent shines through brightly.
Definitely one to watch and listen out for.

Kerrie (New Zealand)

The first time I heard Ron's music I was listening to "More than I love you" and I was captivated.
The lyrics were beautiful and resonated with me. I look forward to listening to his new album when it is released.

Luke Murray (UK)

Each track I have worked on for Ron is its own musical journey, its own reason to invest the listener to see it through to the end. He is a well-travelled man with a vast knowledge of music gone bye that allows him to draw from experiences and influences to give each song its own vibe and reason for belonging in his catalogue of tracks. It is very easy to hear the influences of rock and ballads from the 70's and 80's, particularly coming from David Bowie. However, for me personally what makes Ron so interesting to work with is when his travel and life experiences play a central role to the overall feel of a song. This has allowed for some super interesting pieces of music that are vastly different from the last, it also breathes some really raw and emotional lyrical storytelling into the tracks that allows me to invest myself that much more into capturing the feelings that the track is trying to convey. No track I have worked on for Ron feels like filler, each is crafted with the same attention to detail as the last and it goes a long way to helping me create a drum track that is the most appropriate to what the song is trying to be.

Katy Bowser (UK)

Ron Mozart writes music that touches my soul. His thoughtful, intelligent lyrics take you on a journey that stays with you forever, often educating you in the process. 
Close your eyes, turn it up and enjoy!!

Carly Jones (UAE)

Ron wrote a wonderful song about the struggle of street dogs (Soi dogs) in Thailand. I travel there regularly and have two Thai rescue dogs, so I was choked when Ron asked if he could write a song for the Foundation. It's a lovely song that reminds me of the doggies and of all the good work that Soi Dog Foundation do.

Michele Ledda (UK)

I always enjoy listening to Ron Mozart's songs. You can clearly recognise the influence of many great rock bands and singers of the 1970s and yet he always produces highly original pieces, with brilliant lyrics that seem to reflect the personal experience of a rich and eventful life.

Alan Cooper (UK)

The Silent Whistle is a great song who’s melody comes into my head every day! Ron wrote it to promote the Yorkshire Wolds Railway and it tells the story of the rise and fall of the Driffield to Malton railway and its revival by the YWR. It’s a catchy singalong song with some great lyrics which conjure up a minds eye view of the hustle and bustle of the railway construction and then its demise as road haulage took its toll. The chorus is full of hope that the silent whistle will one day be heard again, maybe even through the derelict tunnel so evocatively described as the ‘forsaken bore’.
Musically the Silent Whistle bounces along, begging you to sing it too but with nice bluesy harmonica accompaniment and great guitar solos. I love it!

Neale Corns (UK)

If your preferences in music are already wide-ranging and yet you are looking to further extend your listening, I would recommend Ron Mozart. An afficionado of all 'music that matters’, Ron's influences draw from important artists and genres. You will hear lyrics to touch your heart, your conscience and personal anecdotes. History and politics, too. My personal favourites are 'Smile its Sam' and 'The Man from ICI'. They are straight from the heart.

Jonathan Lyall (UAE)

Ever since I first got to know Ron (2006) music has been the biggest bond between us; and there have been many including, friendship, teaching, living in the Emirates, working together, beer (!), comedy, and generally larking around. We have been in contact continuously, ever since those first memorable days, and have both offered support to each other during hard times. We have played music together on a number of occasions including in a bar in Fujairah (unplanned), and a party in Al Ain. Ron is, of course, a trained musician (multi-instrumentalist, singer, song-writer and more) with a life time’s performing experience, as well as much study to post-graduate level. As a musician myself, the two of us performing together was always an easy task, and the regret is that we didn’t collaborate more. One of the things that is unusual about Ron and music, is the breadth of his musical passions. Hs is as comfortable and knowledgeable talking about Buxtehude, Bach or (Havergal) Brian; as he is Bowie, The Beach boys, or the Beatles. Even though his tastes can be described as catholic, they are also precise; he knows what he likes and doesn’t like; it’s just that there is so much that he does like. And this can be said about Ron in general. As a historian, he devours information, and knows a lot about many things. And he is (literally) a train-spotter, which gives a clue to his thirst for detail in all that he knows. When I hear Ron's music through his recordings I am struck by how accomplished and professional they sound. His voice has a familiar ring to it, and could easily substitute for a Lennon or a Bowie (in my opinion). It’s worth remembering that he takes on all of the roles during the process of producing a finished recording of one of his songs, including writing words and melody, composing all instrumental parts, playing (pretty much) every instrument on the recording, singing lead and backing vocals, mixing the sounds. Wow! This comes from a lifetime’s experience in the music business, and a strong desire to get the job done and produce something special, which of course he does.

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Ron In The Media


Interview with Point Blank Teesside Magazine

Ron Mozart sits down with POINT
BLANK and has a good old heart
to heart about rock ‘n’ roll, the
local scene and how his terminal
illness has helped inspire him to
create some of his best music so far...

pointblank teesside issue 29
ron mozart gazette and herald

Ron Mozart Continues Hit-Record Bid By Releasing New Album

Gazette & Herald, Malton, Yorkshire

A WEST Heslerton musician, who is terminally ill, is continuing his bid for a hit-record by releasing a new album.

Steve Ronson, also known as Ron Mozart, is releasing an album called Cut and Run on April 16. The album features 17 original compositions, all recorded at Steve’s home studio during the pandemic.


Gazette & Herald, Malton, Yorkshire

A WEST Heslerton musician is bidding for a hit-record after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Steve Ronson, also known as Ron Mozart, has released a single called “You’re the One” dedicated to his wife, Joy. It is hoped the proceeds might help Joy continue to live in their cottage after he’s gone.



The Press, York

A SONGWRITER has penned a song about a young boy with a rare condition.
Ron Mozart, from West Heslerton, was inspired by five-year-old Sam Ray, who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome in April 2017.
Angelman Syndrome is a rare, genetic and neurological disorder, which occurs in one in 20,000 people.

Ron Mozart


Gazette & Herald, Malton, Yorkshire

A SONGWRITER has penned a song about an abandoned railway to help towards its refurbishment.
Ron Mozart is donating all proceeds from his single, The Silent Whistle, towards the Yorkshire Wolds Railway.




This is Ron Mozart who has very kindly composed 2 pieces of music for us to use with our promotional videos and slideshows.