About Ron Mozart

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Ron has spent a lifetime immersed in music!

From a very early age, he showed an interest in music, both to listen to and to perform.

Ron formed his first band, whilst still at school, in 1971. That is also when he began to seriously write songs.

Although his whole working career was spent in Education, as a Teacher and Headteacher, he has continued to play and sing in various bands and record as a solo artist from 1971 right up to the present-day. Ron was awarded a 2:1 Honours Degree in Music and has also taught various music classes to both adults and children, including private instrumental lessons for the piano, guitar and saxophone. Ron is a multi-instrumentalist, but the guitar is his primary instrument.

Ron has a wide range of influences and tastes, but David Bowie, Gene Clark, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Neil Young have been the main sources of inspiration for his song writing, singing and playing. Ron likes to think that his music covers many sub-genres of ‘pop’ music and that it is original to the core.

Ron's first album, ‘A Rough Time In Rocester’ was recorded in 2016 and is available here for only £5.

Over the last two years, He has released three singles:

Only For Those That Truly Know’ – available on all major streaming platforms - Spotify, Amazon Music (2019)

The Silent Whistle’ Bandcamp (2020)

Smile, It’s SamBandcamp (2020)

Ron has also composed and recorded music and songs for films, videos and adverts.

During 2020, he has been working hard at writing and recording the material for his next album, which is scheduled for full release early 2021. During the recording of this album, Ron has been privileged to work with a wonderfully talented group of musicians from Middlesbrough, called ‘Salsola’. He is grateful to Vicky, Peter, Luke and Kev for their musical contributions.



Like any other tradesman or craftsman, Ron Mozart uses a range of guitars, amplifiers and accessories, when playing live, recording and composing. Each guitar has individual and unique qualities, which Ron combines to achieve the desired texture and timbre of each piece of music that he plays. These are Ron Mozart’s guitars.